Hi, I’m Cynthia. I live and breathe the Agile Manifesto.

My Mission

I was a fortunate recipient of the Educational Opportunity Fund. This grant provided not only my college tuition but a stipend that allowed me to meet my basic living expenses while I completed my undergraduate degree in Graphic Communications. Degree in hand, I drove my Subaru Legacy from New Jersey to California at the age of 22 to start my minimum-wage job as a “Digital Image Processor” at my first software company. From that point on I have had an endless number of people take their time to teach, train, coach, and mentor me in my roles that ranged from quality assurance, to product management, program management, agile transformation strategist, web developer, and systems architect. Looking back now I am certain that I would not have stood a chance breaking into software development and IT if it were not for my high school counselor ensuring I applied for that grant and the willingness of others to help me grow. It is for that reason that I founded Agilelista Inc., a non-profit that serves women and advocates for women on their career journey in technology. While there is a dearth of information and resources out in the world for gaining an education and skills in this genre, Agilelista exists to specifically focus on practical and personalized support at the individual level for those that qualify for the services offered. These services and detailed descriptions will be available on this site in the near future. Please check back soon!

“Leaders put their own interests aside to protect us or to pull us into the future.”

– Simon Sinek

Coaching & Training

Coaching and Training Services


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